Who am I?

Hello everyone! I am Sravani Mangalampalli. I am a Psychology aspirant and I am very passionate about the field I am in. Being an introvert and an observant since as a kid, I was very curious about human behavior. All my childhood and teenage years, I spent analyzing human behavior and I questioned myself every day on why does a person behaves a certain way. That curiosity led me to psychology. Currently, I have a bachelor’s in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy and I am working on my master’s and research publications in Psychology. I had few internship experiences in research and counseling. My interests in psychology lie in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology with a focus on the effects of Parenting, Toxic Relationships, Social Media, Culture, and Society. I believe these aspects can either damage or do good to a person and thus, play a major role in developing personality. Combining my interest in writing and psychology, I have decided to start a blog with the experience I have in my field. I look forward to your opinions on my articles and I hope this will be a wonderful opportunity to gain knowledge and to develop my skills in psychology and writing respectively.

What will this blog be about?

The importance of mental health is growing in every field as do the sufferings. Everyone around the globe is suffering due to various mental health problems. I believe many of the problems are the foundations of parenting and Thus, it starts from childhood and grows through different stages of life with the influence of friendships, relationships, social media, and culture. Awareness and breaking the toxic patterns are essential to lead a satisfied and contented life. Thus, in this blog, I will primarily focus on my opinions and experiences in the topics of parenting, relationships. social media, abnormal psychology, mental health, culture, and society. I would like to publish an article once a week. Feel free to drop your suggestions and opinions on my articles and if I wish to contact me you can mail me at sravani.mangalampalli@gmail.com.

Final words?

I am glad that I have decided to start a blog on Psychology and I am looking forward to knowing more about blogging and meeting my fellow bloggers. Thank you! Have a great read!!